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Critical Crafting

The Streets of Bluudkeep PDF

The Streets of Bluudkeep PDF

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The Streets of Bluudkeep bundle brings you everything needed to throw your party right into the dark, urban depths of the Bluudkeep.


This bundle is provided with 42 pages of 5e content! Including:

  • 5 urban- and cityscaped-themed, ready-to-drop encounters for parties of all levels
  • 5 stat blocks, featuring monsters of found in the Bluudkeep
  • 12 VTT-ready tokens
  • 13 new items with printable item cards
  • 7 new spells with printable spell cards
  • 5 battle maps
  • 6 feats and 3 deficiencies
  • 1 new player background
  • 1 new player rogue subclass - the Traceur.
  • 1 new player race - sewer-dwelling mutated humanoids known as the Dregs. 
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