Meet the Team

Dillon Olney

Creative Director, Team Lead, Writer, Editor, Formatter

Dillon has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2003 and is the "forever DM." He runs the Critical Crafting Patreon as its lead writer and Creative Director, putting his art degree to good use, and has written and edited professional third-party 5e content for Arcane Minis, Torchlight Press, Mage Hand Press, Titan Forge, The Lost Adventures Co., Cast N' Play, Bloody Sword Miniatures, EC3D Design, Moonlight Minis,  Grinning God, Void Realms, Tomb Guardian Miniatures, Axolote Gaming, RM Printable Terrain, Here be Taverns, Kelfecil's Tales, John Sideriadis's Astromythos, and more!

 Dillon is the author and/or Creative Director for the following books: The Lost Dragons, The Lost Adventures Encounter Compendium, and Oblieg's Gallery of Grave Goods. He is currently working on the 4-book Curse of the Usurper campaign setting, the longest 5e setting ever created. Dillon's resume can be found here.

Cameron DeFord

Writer, Marketing Director, Community Manager

Cameron has been playing in the hobby since 2016, and DM'ing for 3 of them. He started doing freelance work writing third-party content for some other content creators on patreon, before breaking into the professional third party market with The Lost Adventure's Co. You can also find him as the host of the Table Talk podcast, a spin-off of the Critical Crafting network.

Connor DeFord

Additional Writer, Creative Consultant

Connor has been playing D&D since 2016, and DM'ing for 3 of them. A lifelong nerd of all manners, Connor can often be found playing and/or running for one of his numerous D&D groups, playing ultimate frisbee, or playing video games.

Connor has created various types of homebrew content for his different campaigns - everything from player races and subclasses, magic items and spells, and encounters and maps - and found himself pitching us ideas for various themes. It was only a matter of time before Connor officially joined the team, and the rest is now history!

Sarah Olney

Editor, Formatter

Sarah was introduced to the hobby through Dillon, and it has become a fantastic outlet for her mad administrative and editing skills. She is in charge of keeping everything running smoothly for Critical Crafting LLC as well as editing and formatting the exciting content Dillon and Cameron come up with.