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What's In the Book? 

The Mages' War is a 180+ page tome compiling High Magic and High Tech elements. High Magic battles High Tech in this comprehensive 5e tome. Take a side and join… the Mages’ War! 

Unleash the ultimate fusion of fantasy and sci-fi with this groundbreaking D&D 5E supplement, introducing a wealth of new content including mechanics, player options, monsters, and adventures, all bridging the gap between ancient sorcery and futuristic marvels.

Create epic adventures with: 

  • 23 thematic stat blocks 
  • 50 spectacular items
  • 13 grafts, a new mechanic for augmenting the bodies of characters 
  • 19 feats and 11 deficiencies, a new mechanic for applying bonus feats at a cost
  • 18 sigils, runes used to enhance existing items
  • 10 encounters 
  • The Death of Magic adventure 
  • 9 epic casting spells and 6 new spells
  • 23 warps, the antithesis of magic
  • 3 new races 
  • 3 new subclasses
  • 2 monster templates, a new mechanic for easily creating thousands of thematic monsters
  • 2 backgrounds, one for each side of the conflict 
  • Lore, hazards, and more!  


Play as one of three new races, including the mechanical soma, your consciousness held within a crystal of scientific marvel, the ruined nihilite, a creature stripped down and rebuilt by the Order of the Blank, or the powerful Edynite, a race of subterranean magic users hiding away from the persecution of the surface. 


Protect the innocent, hiding spellcasters and protecting the weak by taking the Oath of Secrecy, crush spellcasters by taking the Oath of the Antimage, paladins that forsake the lies of magic for the power of science, or take the fight back to those that dare oppose the might of magic as an Arcanuum Wizard. 

Battle Fearsome Foes

Battle 23 new monsters of magical and mechanical origins with CR's of low, medium, and higher tiers or operate new machines, take a ride in the terravator, digging through the earth, or the iron colossus, crushing everything in your path! 


Augment your character with grafts, a new mechanic that allows you to replace body parts with augmentations. Use the new mechanic to apply grafts, and make use of your Medicine skill to quickly apply or remove grafts... or suffer the consequences of failure. Replace your arms with canons, implant your brain with an enhancer, cast spells from a crystal implanted in your palm, and more! This supplement includes grafting mechanics and 13 grafts to augment your characters. 


Pick a side in this new setting easily dropped into an existing game or serving as a stand-alone setting. Side with the Arcanuum as a Hunted Mage, or join the Order of the Blank as an Initiate

Feats / Deficiencies 

Take new feats to customize your characters! Never use feats? Not to fear! We have created a new Deficiencies system. With this system you take the opposite of a feat, a deficiency makes you worse at something, perhaps making it harder for you to cast spells, or decreasing ability scores. In exchange you can take on a bonus feat, allowing for greater character customization.

Enhance Monsters

Create countless new monsters by applying our new monster templates. Create technological marvels with the clockwork template or intellectually advanced monsters with the neurograft template. Templates can be applied to hundreds of monsters, giving you endless opportunities to surprise your players or create thematic enemies. 

Weave New Spells

In addition to 6 new spells, this supplement details 9 epic casting spells, spells that take your characters far beyond even 9th-level spells. These spells have specific requirements and are incredibly difficult to cast, but their effects are truly devastating. Epic spells serve as a great goal for characters or a horrifying repercussion should a BBEG succeed in obtaining the appropriate rites, rituals, or materials to cast one. 

Create Warps 

Have you forsaken magic for the TRUE power? Have you turned from the weave and embraced the truth of mechanics? You have unlocked the new powers of 23 new Warps. These technological marvels cannot be counterspelled and are not thwarted by dispel magic or similar spells. Show spellcasters who truly wields the power of the universe as you utilize the might of arcanhile to create warps. 

Discover New Items 

Thrill your players by rewarding them with High Magic and High Tech items alike, with 50 new items! 

Inscribe Sigils

Enhance existing items with sigils, a new mechanic allowing you to augment your existing items with new magical abilities, allowing for endless combinations.

Delve Into Adventure!

Join with the Arcanuum or crush your foes with the weapons of The Blank. Delve into adventure with this comprehensive book including new lore for each faction as well as new hazards! Explore 10 encounters, five for each faction. These encounters are easily dropped into an existing campaign or can be strung together to create a campaign all your own! Encounters are written by our lead writer Dillon, with over half a decade of experience creating stories and adventures.

Encounters include interesting NPC's new items, puzzles, traps, and more! Our encounters are not "you see 1d6 kobolds" we put a lot of love into these encounters to make them easy to run, with roleplaying tips, read-aloud text, and more!

This book includes a full adventure "The Death of Magic" for characters level 3-6. Save the town of Graznia from Blank occupation or turn the spellcasters over to these technocrats or exterminate them yourself!


Enjoy VTT Compatibility 

Unlock awesome gaming with VTT versions of this book for Foundry VTT and Shard VTT!

In addition, receive digital maps, VTT tokens, and printable item and spell cards!

Print Awesome Files

Enhance your game with incredible 3d printable files, all presupported and ready to fill your table with epic battles and tales to tell. 


Choose a Side!

The time has come to pick a side, pick up your chainsaw blade, sling your spells, fight for the right to magic or against its corrupting powers it is time to join The Mages' War!

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  • Customize your character with new races, subclasses and mechanics.

  • Enhance your gaming experience by grafting new body parts, casting new spells, creating new warps, or wielding new items.

  • Battle Fearsome foes of magic and metal. Use templates to build countless new monsters.

High Magic Vs. High Tech

High Magic battles High Tech in this comprehensive D&D 5th Edition tome. Take a side and join The Mages' War!

The Mages' War brings advanced technology, powerful new magic, and new character and monster options and augmenting mechanics to your game.

Create Epic Adventures With:

•23 thematic stat blocks to immerse and challenge players.
•50 spectacular items reward players with chainsaw blades, rust grenades, and other unique new items.
•13 grafts, augment the bodies of characters with this new mechanic, applying robotic arms, brain implants and more!
•19 feats and 11 deficiencies, a new mechanic for applying bonus feats at a cost..
•18 sigils, runes used to enhance existing items.
•10 encounters easily dropped into an existing campaign or strung together to create campaigns all your own.
•The Death of Magic Adventure. Immerse your players in the war, an epic struggle where they must pick a side, joining The technocratic Order of the Blank, or fighting for the oppressed with the rebellions Arcanuum
•9 epic casting spells and 6 new spells, go beyond 9th-level spells with world-shattering incantations, or new add to your spellbook with new spells.
•23 warps, the antithesis of magic, scientific marvels unable to be dispelled like the paltry magic of a spellcaster
•3 new races, play as the mechanical Soma, ruined Nihilite, or powerful Edynite.
•3 new subclasses , hunt mages as the Antimagic Paladin, protect the innocent with the Oath of Secrecy, or hide your magic with the Arcanuum Wizard subclass.
•2 monster templates, apply templates to existing monsters, easily creating thousands of thematic new monsters.
•2 backgrounds, one for each side of the conflict Lore, hazards, and more!

Enhance Your Experience with Stunning 3D-Printable Files

Terrify players and play as your custom character with amazing 3d-printable stl files, all pre-supported and ready to go!

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