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Awesome 5e Content Every Month

This month we bring you to the cold nothingness of The Hollow Expanse! Fight space krakens, pikot space ships, and more!

This month's release includes:

  • 1 New Sublcass
  • 1 Printable .stl file
  • 3 Stat Blocks
  • 2 New Ships
  • Lore and Hazards
  • 3 Encounters
  • 3 Maps + alts
  • 6 Items
  • 2 Grafts
  • 5 Ship Upgrades
  • 6 Spells
  • 3 Warps
  • 1 New Race
  • 5 Feats, 2 Deficiencies
  • 7 Tokens
  • "I'm a $13 patron, to anyone who is thinking about signing up, I highly recommend it. More content than you could use in years, and higher quality than a lot of the more recent official books. It's absolutely worth it."   

    -Alex Crofton

  • "You are quite literally in my top three favorite content creators for Dungeons & Dragons. Please never retire and never lose your passion."   

    -Kaidan Redgrave  

  • "This is unbelievably badass"   


  • I've already said this before and I'll say it again, you guys are fantastic world builders. It's a shame that you guys are underated. It's basically a hidden gem in the world of DnD5e!

    -Breno Pelissoni