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Critical Crafting

The Edyn Expedition PDF

The Edyn Expedition PDF

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The Edyn Expedition has us heading down to the depths of the earth for September, and revisiting the lands around Edyn (originally introduced in "Magic and Mayhem"). Explore the caverns and tunnels around the magical-mecca as you cross paths with fearsome creatures of the dark. Will your players make it out alive and live to see the fresh air of the surface again?


This special bundle is provided with 40+ pages of 5e content! Including:

  • 5 Stat blocks
  • 1 Monster Template
  • 5 Encounters
  • 5 Maps
  • 6 Items
  • 4 Grafts
  • 5 Spells
  • 1 New player race
  • 1 New player subclasses
  • 5 Feats
  • 4 Deficiencies
  • Lore and hazards
  • 7 tokens
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