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Ol' Chap Welcome Pack

Ol' Chap Welcome Pack

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"Greetings, traveler! My name is Ol' Chap Ettercap and I run the 'Ol Chap Ettercap Magic Item Emporium' out of the handy-dandy pocket universe in my top hat. I'm can help procure any magical item you may need... for a price of course"

Ol' Chap Ettercap is a favorite recurring NPC from our own game. Our players never knew just where they would cross paths with the jolly fellow, but quickly learned that when they needed to get his help... it always came with a price.

Ol' Chap is perfect for helping the players out of a tight spot, without them feeling the deus ex machina that can easily creep into DM Intervention. Many a fun side quest were introduced through him, and now you can bring him to your table too!

This package includes:

  • The Ol' Chap Ettercap miniature STL file, for your 3D printing needs
  • Ol' Chap's NPC card, detailing his character and some roleplay tips
  • Two maps of the Ol' Chap Ettercap Magic Item Emporium store that he hides in the pocket universe of his top hat - both ground level, and lower level!
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