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Critical Crafting

Magic and Mayhem PDF

Magic and Mayhem PDF

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 Delve into epic magic in Magic and Mayhem! 


This bundle is provided with 54 pages of 5e content! Including:

  • 5 epic magic -themed, ready-to-drop encounters for parties of all levels
  • 5 creature stat blocks centered around the Arcanuum and the magically advanced citizens of Edyn, as well as 1 new machine statblock - the colossal drills that helped terraform the caverns of Edyn and protect it from wandering predators - the Terravator
  • 8 VTT-ready tokens
  • 16 new items with printable item cards
  • 18 Sigils - our latest game mechanic. Sigils are a magical combination of runes emblazoned onto the surface of a weapon or piece of armor, wand, staff, potion, wondrous item or another magical or common item, bestowing a permanent magical effect onto that item.
  • 9 Epic spells - spells that exceed the normal 9th level of magic. You get one per school of magic, plus a bonus one for our Blood Magic subschool of necromancy.
  • 5 battle maps
  • 7 feats and 4 deficiencies
  • 1 new player paladin subclass - the Oath of the Secrecy
  • 1 new player race - the magically advanced and attuned Edynites.

More About this Release

"Machinations of the Blank" marked the return of the Order of the Blank - in all of their techno-fascist glory - and your tables likely felt the terror of technology, as their spellcasters were left feeling hopeless and rendered powerless...

 "Magic and Mayhem" brings the Arcanuum back into the fold - rune covered dragons designed as living weapons, insurrectionists capable of destroying swaths of soldiers, magic abominations, arcane digging machines, and technomancers!

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