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Critical Crafting

Madness of Ashioggd'lin PDF

Madness of Ashioggd'lin PDF

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The 'Madness of Ashioggd'lin' is the perfect PDF for bringing madness to your table!

Venture beyond the edges of the universe as we take you to Ashioggd'lin - the home plane of the Outsider, The Dreamer, who was first introduced back in our 'The Dreamer Awakens' release way back when we first launched (in November of 2021). While The Dreamer slumbers, His terrifying nightmares spring into existence and go forth under the four moons orbiting overhead - proselytizing and wreaking havoc. With frightening monsters and new variant rules for bringing madness and Corruption to your table, your party is sure to fear death once again...


This special bundle is provided with 50+ pages of 5e content! Including:

  • 5 horror-inducing encounters with 8 battle maps in both gridded and gridless variants
  • 6 Lovecraftian horror-themed stat blocks
  • new game mechanics for bringing horror to your table and making dead actually feel inevitable and something to fear!
  • 8 VTT-ready monster tokens
  • 1 new player subclass - the Awakened Rogue
  • 1 new player race, with four subrace options - the aberrant, mood-dwelling Oolan-balé
  • 5 new items and 4 new grafts with printable item cards
  • 5 new Spells, with printable spell cards
  • 4 feats and 3 deficiencies
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