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Critical Crafting

Legends of the Yokai PDF

Legends of the Yokai PDF

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Legends of the Yokai takes your game to the far away lands of the yokai. These mysterious beasts are sure to challenge your players in new and exciting ways, so buckle up for a wild ride!


This bundle is provided with 45 pages of 5e content! Including:

  • 6 yokai-themed, ready-to-drop encounters for parties of all levels
  • 5 creature stat blocks centered around the mysterious fey-like yokai creatures
  • 13 VTT-ready tokens
  • 10 new items with printable item cards
  • 6 Sigils - our latest game mechanic; sigils are a magical combination of runes emblazoned onto the surface of a weapon or piece of armor, wand, staff, potion, wondrous item or another magical or common item, bestowing a permanent magical effect onto that item.
  • 5 magic spells
  • 6 battle maps
  • 4 feats and 3 deficiencies
  • 1 new player barbarian subclass - the Path of the Oni
  • 1 new player race - the many-tailed trickster fox-folk - the Kitsune
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