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Critical Crafting

Exploring Extorris

Exploring Extorris

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"Exploring Extorris" expands upon our Mages' War conflict. When The Order of the Blank declared war on magic kind, some spellcasters stayed and opposed them (founding the Arcanuum), while some retreated into the depths of the earth to recoup (becoming the Edynites). And still yet, some of the mages fled for their lives - using the magic at their disposal to open up a rift into a nearby plane (becoming the Extorrans).

Venture with us to Extorris - a strange world cut off from the rest of the planes! What happens when mages flee the persecution of the Blank to an alien world filled with ancient, abandoned cities, horrifying parasites, and time-traveling proselytizers?


This special bundle is provided with 45+ pages of 5e content! Including:

  • 5 brand new encounters of varying challenge ratings and settings -ready to drop right into your existing campaigns, or can just as easily be used as a springboard into a new adventure.
  • 5 alien-like stat blocks
  • 7 VTT-ready monster tokens
  • 1 new Order of the Blank focused player Ranger subclass - the Blank Survivalist Conclave 
  • 1 new player race - an automaton race of Constructs that hail from the land of Extorris known as the Opae
  • 7 new items and 4 grafts with printable item cards
  • 4 new Spells and 6 anti-magic Warps, with printable spell cards
  • 4 feats and 3 deficiencies
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