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Dinosafari - The Lost Isle PDF

Dinosafari - The Lost Isle PDF

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Dinosafari - The Lost Isle is the follow-up to our fan-favorite "Ol Chap Ettercap's Dinosafari", brings your table even more dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures to make your players tremble in fear.


This special bundle is provided with 40+ pages of 5e content! Including:

  • 5 dinosaur-themed, ready-to-drop encounters for parties of all levels
  • 5 original stat blocks
  • 8 VTT-ready monster tokens
  • 10 new items and grafts with printable item cards
  • 6 new spells with printable spell cards
  • 5 battle maps in both gridded and gridless variants
  • 5 feats and 3 deficiencies
  • 1 new player subclass - the Barbarian, Path of Mutability
  • 1 new player races - the humanoid-dinosaur Parasuri
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